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Signs It’s Time to Clean Out Your Closet

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Tina, here

So I’ve been on the austerity budget.   I’m moving this weekend. I’m saving up for our Paris Shopping Trip. And other more boring things I won’t go into here.  But the point is, I, and probably you, don’t have endless funds to spend on all the fab things quickly arriving in the stores this time of year. So frustrating.



But some of my favorite fall staples are wearing out, and I either need to repair them or replace them.  I bet you do, too.

Meet the White Leather Stud Bootcut Jean from my new favorite brand, Cello Jeans! #denimlust #gliks

If you’re asking if your jeans are still in style…No, no they are not.

Dolls, let me share something with you.  Most of your clothes are tired, dated or just plain wrong for you.  Unless we’ve been in your closet in the past few years.  It’s time to clean out your closet.  But, we got this. We employ a safely-guarded algorithm and a series of equations to determine when, if and how you replace or add new fall pieces to your fall wardrobe.  And neither you or I can afford to mess this up, because once you spend a dollar on something, it needs to go to work for you.  So you can retire it when its end comes and celebrate the gifts it gave you, like making you feel pretty, or 5 pounds lighter, or smugly in style.  And then happily move on to greener pastures. 


If this looks like some of what we might find in your closet, slouchy boots from five years ago, old pinstripe work pants, worn-out shoes, etc, it’s time to clean out your closet.  It’s time for us to clean out your closet, because no one can do it 100% successfully without us.  You know it’s true.

Spoiler alert: I have news for you. You need to update your jeans WAY more than you think you do. Denim rinses and washes have a much shorter shelf life than you probably think.  It’s probably time to replace your jeans.


These jeans are 4 years old and have that stripey texture from washing them over the years. Time to toss. Or use for gardening. * Sugar cane denim is a type of Japanese denim that does this naturally – I don’t like it. Just sayin.


If your jeans look like this, they are outdated. Toss them. Or garden in them. But don’t wear them in public, k?  And if you can’t tell why, trust me.  They are wrong in many, many ways.  And this means you need us more than you realize.

But guess what? You don’t have to pay $200, or even $100, for your jeans.  Not with us you don’t.

Ok sweaters.  Do your sweaters have those fuzzy balls all over them caused by pilling?  Don’t toss them!  You can de-fuzz them with a sweater shaver.


This sweater is not worn-out. It simply needs de-fuzzing with a sweater comb. And no, you may not wear a vest like this – but the picture makes the point.

But sweaters (and knits) do become boxy over time from repeated dry-cleanings.  It’s time to toss them when this happens.  Also, if you buy acrylic sweaters (for shame!), they pill if you even look at them, so stay away from them and buy natural fibers.  ALL natural fibers, including cashmere and merino wool, will pill.  The finer cashmere sweaters take longer to pill, but they will pill.

T-shirts and knits in general.  They shrink and get boxy.  They start out great – all nice and rectangular.  Then bit by bit, without your even realizing it, one day your soft and favorite long sleeve winter t-shirts are big squares.  Big boxy squares.  And guess what you look like when you wear a square?  A square.  Not an hourglass.


The t-shirt on the left is brand new. Perfect. The t-shirt on the right is the exact same t-shirt that has been repeatedly washed to illustrate what happens over time. It’s so gradual that you don’t notice it until we get in your closet and show you all the squares you’ve been wearing. Toss them.

And shoes.  Are the tips of the toes scuffed?  Are you wearing holes in the soles?  Don’t toss them!  A cobbler can repair the soles and shine the scuffs so they’re almost as good as new.  


Save the shoes! For a DIY project, try nail polish remover (the kind with acetone) on patent leather to remove stubborn scuff marks.

But if your shoes have chunky heels, square toes (we don’t like squares), or are generally tired and dated, time to toss.


If you have boots that look like this, i.e. chunky heel, square toe, yucky fake leather, toss them. (Good fake leather is fine, by the way.)

Trendy jewelry.  If you bought a piece of jewelry that was all the rage 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago, I hope for your sake you did not overspend on it because of what I’m about to tell you.  You need to toss it.  Wearing an outdated trend, whether it be jewelry or anything, is a surefire way to age yourself.  This is why we are so adamant about not overspending on certain items.


Did you buy one of these Michael Kors watches a few years ago? Oops. It was great back then, but, dolls, it’s done. Time to toss.

Now, ask yourself, have you bought the following items in the last five years?  If not, it might be time to toss and replace.

  • Coat
  • Handbag
  • Boots


These are the Big Ticket Items you need to think about updating this fall if you haven’t in the last 5 years. And when you let us shop for you, not only will you end up with the perfect coat/boot/handbag that you’ll love and use for years to come, but you might
save up to 20% with our exclusive discounts reserved for our clients. Huge.  

Don’t delay.  Our calendar is filling up and it’s not even September.  Fall arrivals are in the stores and we love what we are seeing!  Leather skirts!  Fabulous suede boots!  Cozy plaid flannel!  Wait – I’m starting to get into fall trends – that’s coming next week.  But now you better email us to get an appointment for your closet and to shop with the pros who know how to get you the best, and how to give you the perfect wardrobe for the way you love to live.

Thanks for reading.  Go to www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services now to find the service right for you, and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.



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Dressing For the Last Dog Days of Summer

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Tina, here.

Summer is almost over. Can you believe it? Yes. Yes, I can.

But wait, it’s still hot down here in the south. We in Nashville are dealing with temps above 100 this week. Ok, so the heat index will be above 100, but that’s basically the same thing. And the humidity? Lordy it’s terrible for the hair. And sweating.


I think it’s pretty clear what we’re dealing with down here.

But moving on.

How do you dress for the last dog days of summer when it’s freakin’ hot but you’re drooling over J.Crew’s new fall cashmere and you’d really like to wear it to the first football game?

Well, dolls. First of all don’t wear your summer eyelet sundresses. They’re done til next spring. But don’t wear wool yet either. Duh.

Here’s what to wear:

White jeans with a neutral color t-shirt instead of your sorbet-colored ones.

love these knit shrugs - only $9.99!   http://rstyle.me/n/e9cgdnyg6

White jeans in the fall with a warm-colored t-shirt or lightweight sweater. Add a jacket or layer another sweater as the temps drop over the season.

White jeans with a denim shirt.

Perfect late summer outfit!  And we all have a chambray shirt, white jeans, brown leather belt & aviators!  I'd definitely pick a better purse.

A lightweight denim shirt (this is a camp shirt, so the pockets are ok) with white jeans and a tan belt looks appropriate this time of year.

You can also swap out your white t-shirts for a grey t-shirt.  Grey goes with everything white does, and will feel more like a transitional piece without feeling so hot.

love this casual look, converse

If it’s too hot for the pants, wear your shorts with a grey t-shirt instead of a white one. V-neck or scoop of course. No crew necks!

Swap out your white jeans for faded jeans. To ease you into the transition.  It’s still too hot for dark rinse.

Kate Moss, in the now-iconic look that launched a new era of denim.

Kate Moss does faded jeans so well. I have always loved faded jeans and wear mine year-round. But they really are perfect for this time of year when you’re tired of white jeans and dark rinse seem too hot.

MiH Marrakesh High Rise Flare Jeans, faded

We love these MIH faded bootcut jeans. They are pricey at $218, but they wear really well. I have some myself.

Ok if you do wear a sundress, forget the bright florals a la Lilly Pulitzer and go with one in navy or even white, but pair it with brown wedges and fall-looking jewelry like wooden beads instead of shell jewelry and beach-themed accessories.


love the shape of this sundress

This denim sundress with a brown belt is perfect for late summer. Similar style available if you click on the image for only $77.00!

Speaking of accessories. Pull out your leopard print heels and flats and  put them back in the rotation.  Instead of your rope and cork wedges.

Chic statement necklace black top leopard print shoes look

Olivia Palermo showing us how it’s done – denim shorts (and they’re not cut-offs!) with a black t-shirt and animal print flats. Love it for the hot days of late August and early September.

Labor Day is this weekend if you hadn’t realized that quite yet.  aka The Official End of Summer.  You’re welcome.  Hey, we pride ourselves in being truth-tellers.  But here’s some good news.  We have loads and loads of exciting new fall content for the blog, and we’ll be rolling out some very special announcements, too.  So stay tuned, and share with a friend!  We’re just trying to make the world a better place for you.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all our wardrobe services at  www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.



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Something Big Is Coming

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Tina, here.

Just a teaser, dolls, about our big announcement coming to you very soon.

Photo: Teaser: something BIG is coming. HUGE. Stay tuned.

We did a photo shoot this week at Nashville’s Parthenon. And no, Rachel, we are not designing a line of pink converse. But good guess.

It does, however involve some really fabulous perks, services, kindness and beauty.
Basically, you’re gonna love us even more.
We’re booking now for Fall closet and wardrobe appointments.  Don’t wait too late cause you know how our calendar fills up like crazy… Can’t wait to see everyone in your closets!
K, stay tuned!  And for more updates and news, follow us on facebook I twitter I pinterest | instagram.
And check out our services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services.  You can email us, too, at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.
All the best,




My Sort-of Facelift, Details Here.

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Tina, here.

I just got a facelift.  No anesthesia. No pain.  No bruising.  No down time.  I know, right!

Ok, ok, here’s the skinny.  It’s almost Fall, which is a great time to make some personal updates.  Soooo, I had my brows done by the Brow Whisperer, Brett Freedman, at Private Edition in Nashville last week.  He calls it Brow Wow.  And he’s done brows for the likes of Reba, Katy Perry, Amy Poehler, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Jane Fonda, Erin Andrews and me (ha).

So here’s me in process : (sorry, my photo editor had the day off)


And here’s the finished product.  Disclaimer:  I have on ZERO makeup, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t brush my hair either.  My excuse is it was Saturday and I’m low maintenance during the day so this is not an anomaly, sad to say.  I need someone to follow me around and tell me things like “brush your hair” and “just put on some lipgloss.”


So basically, Brett took what I had, brows needing a good tweeze, and wowed them up using the brow program I’ve outlined below. I swear if I had on mascara you’d think my eyes were huge.

Ok, here is another example of Brett’s work, a before and after:


SUCH a great display of Brett’s magic. Look at the left side first – nothing wrong with that brow at all (those arches!). But now look at the right side and you’ll see the wow factor Brett’s program yields.

Speaking of Brett’s program, here it is.  And for a low-maintenance girl like myself, I have actually been following this program for a week now, even during the day, as an add-on to my lipgloss.  And it takes like 60 seconds.  You can do it.

1. Tweeze brows first. Look for the obvious grabs: between the eyes, low in the arch hairs and the ‘cobweb’ hairs that grow downward from the tail of the brow toward the temple.
2. Brush hairs up and trim the very long hairs a touch. Don’t cut down to the brow line. Just the tips, so they are able to have some bend when brushed back into the brow. For very full brows, do this same trimming when brushing hairs downward.
3. Fill in brows behind the hairs. This will be easy. Just brush powder or pencil in a soft color to darken the skin behind the hairs.
Assess. Any spots or areas you can smooth with brow color, add a touch more color to those areas.
4. Brush brows with spoolie (my brush and pencil have this built in, but a clean mascara wand works, too!) and brush through brows to diffuse and blend the brow color with the hairs.
5. Apply brow gel by brushing up and out. Brow gel gives your arches extra hold and polish. Think of it as hairspray for your brows.
Here are some more before and after shots:

Filling in the brow line is important – and getting the color right. Brett has several shades available.


Brows are the frame of your face. Get them right, then the rest of your makeup (and you don’t need much with these brows) will fall into place.

You can purchase Brett’s brow pencil (2 colors, and the spoolie thing he refers to) at Private Edition.  This is the one I bought, for medium blondes:
And I bought the gel:
K, so now you go get your own facelift.  Stop by Private Edition or visit Brett’s website.  And thanks for reading!  Be sure to check out our website http://www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com for questions.
And thank you, Brett!


All the best,


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Evolution of a Total Look

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Tina, here.

Ever wonder how we create a total look for you?  How we build your perfect wardrobe?
We’re wardrobe consultants, which means we are the architects of your wardrobe, the personal trainers to your closet, helping you build the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle over time. The image you convey and speak to the world without ever speaking a word.  We know how much to focus on the trends and how much to invest in the classics.  We love a classic white blouse and a great pair of jeans.  The perfect handbag.  The fabulous heel.  But we do love a cheap thrill here and there to round out a classic wardrobe.

A crisp white shirt tucked into dark jeans.  Classic.

I mean, do I ever get tired of this look? No. Never.  Jeans and a white blouse look as good on a 60-something year old as on a 20 year old.  It’s the accessories, hair and makeup that may be different.

Did you know we also address your hair and make-up needs?  Oh yes,  You better believe that once we toss your mom jeans and Danskos you’ll be re-thinking that overgrown hairdo and glittery eyeshadow.  Here is one of our clients, an upcoming college freshman, getting some help at Private Edition.

We create a Total Look; a workable wardrobe for your shape, coloring, personal tastes, stage in life and budget; a wardrobe containing pieces that multi-task in multiple seasons, that can be re-invented year after year. Wear the same dress to a cocktail party in June, a business dinner in October, a funeral in February, all by changing up the accessories.  The same top with a skirt or jeans, depending on the occasion.

Here is a window into a photo shoot we did with designer Rachel Halvorson for the cover of Garden & Gun that perfectly illustrates our process.  Well, we just picked out her outfits, but you get the jist.

1. Start with the foundation.


Here’s a collection of some of my tops I pulled for the photo shoot for Garden & Gun. We ended up using the one on the far right.  And I still wear this now famous top.  Maybe I should rent it out? JK.

2. Add a wow factor – an accessory that feels like you, maybe has a special memory or that you just plain love but can’t explain why.


And here’s some of my jewelry we pulled for the shoot. You may recognize some of my horn pieces, that Ralph Lauren croc cuff, or the turquoise beads I bought at the Nashville flea market. It’s that high-low mix that is so fun.  And a look I strive for everyday.    My cat was not amused.  In fact why is he so bored?  This is good stuff!  Sheesh.

3. Finish the look with the right boot.  I mean shoe.  If your shoes are wrong, your whole look is wrong.  Sorry, but that’s just the truth.  I didn’t make that edict, but I do stand by it.


Pick a boot, any boot.  Just kidding,  You don’t have to wear cowboy boots.  It’s just what we do in Nashville.  This is actually a selection from my personal collection of boots, but I promise we can find you any type of boot, er, I mean shoe, you want.  Shoes are jewelry for your feet.  But they have to be comfortable.  We do not settle for anything less than beautiful and comfortable.

Then address the hair and makeup.  Rachel is bee-u-tiful, so that was pretty much taken care of by herself.  But guess what dolls?  We are rolling out some very exciting additions for you to our wardrobe packages that include hooking you up with the right professionals for your beauty routine.  We’ve done this on the side for a while, and never charged for it.  Now we have a real system to connect you with the salon and beauty professionals you need – and guess what? We’re still not going to charge you extra for it!  Stay tuned and watch for our new website and luxury-filled packages to come in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our services here.

All the best,


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