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Spring Beauty Round-Up

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Tina, here.

I am looking so pale.  I mean as white as the driven snow.  As in it’s time to get a spray tan, start applying the Jergen’s tinted lotion and swap out the make-up palette for spring colors.  Here are my fave picks of the season.

1. Neutral eyes. Pink lips.

Blush...this reminds me of Rose in Titanic :)
Go for one or the other; either the eyes or the lips, but don’t emphasize both at the same time.
Spring makeup

Cover Girl Eyeshadow in French Vanilla | Becca Highlighter in Moonstone | Nyx Butter Gloss in Meringue | Benefit They’re Real! Mascara | Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Lovechild | NARS Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday |  | Stila Liquid Eyeliner | Nyx Blush in Rose Garden   (image via re-mix)

Spring 2014's Top Sheer Glosses

Spring lip glosses feel fresher and lighter than the heavier lip stains we’ve been wearing all winter long.  These colors are pretty much universally flattering because they are natural with warm or cool pink undertones.  Left to right: Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in Debut BE102 ($25); MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Cremesheen Glass in Nectarsweet ($20); Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Sweet Escape ($28); Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in 2 Or Saharienne ($32); Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in 357 Mystery ($29.50).  (image via beautyblitz)

2. Colorful eyeliner.  Especially navy blue and teal.  I’ve been playing with this and it is a fun game to see if you can get your teal liner not to turn into teal streaks streaming down your face by lunch.

Spring Makeup Trend: Turquoise Eyeliner

Colorful eyeliner comes and goes in and out of fashion..It’s in right now.  No need to match the liner to your eye color; that’s the whole point.  via elle 

Dior navy eyeliner

Navy eyeliner looks good on almost everyone.  Go with a nude lip if you do a strong eye.  DiorShow eyeliner via Sephora

3. Bronzer.  Must-have for those of us who are sun-phobic when it comes to exposing the face to the sun. Which should be every one of you reading this if you want to avoid sun damage and have prettier skin longer.  You’re welcome.


Warning: bronzer on the face looks silly if you don’t swipe a touch of it on your neck and clavicle to avoid that weird-looking 2-tone contrast.  Sienna Miller via glamourmagazine

Top 5 bronzers

Benefit Hoola Bronzer— $28NARS Laguna Bronzer — $36, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip — $11.99, N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny — $2.79, Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder in Light Bronzer — $13.95 (image via collegefashion)

4. Nude & natural polish.  I’m sorry to be so predictable, but I just don’t get behind nail art.  My rule of thumb is if I wouldn’t wear the color on my lips, it doesn’t go on my nails.  Let’s play, shall we?  Black?  Nope.  Gray?  Nope.  Green?  Nope.  Pink?  Yes.  Coral?  Yes.  Red?  Yes.  See how that works?

A nude #manicure is always in season!
If you have smaller hands or shorter fingers, a paler polish is a MUST to avoid looking like you have stumpy digits.  Just sayin.  PS I’m also not one for the pointy finger manicure; I still think the squoval shape is best. (image via ameblo)

For my hands, I like, left to right: Rescue Beauty Lounge Thank You ($20), Tom Ford Sugar Dune ($32, limited edition), Burberry Nude Pink and Ash Rose ($21 each), OPI My Very First Knockwurst ($8), Chanel Rose Cache ($27), Dior Incognito ($24), Zoya Rue ($9). (image via beautylookbook)

Toes and nails.. Love coral <3

For your toes, darker is fine – have some fun!  Take some risks!  Coral polish!  Red!  Pink!  Live on the edge! wink wink( image via Pinterest)

I really don’t like the 2 on the far right, so you’re not getting their names! (image via thebeautylookbok)

May I share for a moment?  I had the most amazing pedicure of my life a few months ago, a real European pedicure. (Thank you, Cherrie!)  He pulled out a pouch of tools that looked like dentist tools, or gardeners’ tools.  Little scissors, little files, little blades and clippers.  And then for 2 hours he sculpted my feet.  I am not overstating it when I tell you all my shoes were significantly more comfortable, and not just in the toe box.  But my feet also looked so pretty when he was finished I hated covering up his artwork with an inappreciable shoe that treads dirty floors. As if!  Anyway, since I learned that nail polish is the devil to our toes and fingers, I have been reluctant to wear it.  I need non-toxic polish and cruelty-free would be nice. So here are 4 relatively safe brands of poison I mean polish you can take with you to the salon:


Butter London $15


Zoya $8


Scotch Naturals $15


NARS $19


Priti NYC $11.25 – nail polish remover

There you have it.  Oh and one more very important thing.  We have a special relationship with one of the South’s finest beauty destinations and can secure for you all the best colors and products for your Spring beauty make-over.  Contact us to find out how at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to check out all our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and contact us at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/contact-us.

All the best,


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A Perfect Spring Shoe Wardrobe

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Tina, here.

Off with the boots!  Let your toes out of their cages!  Start with the pedicures and embrace Spring’s shoes!  Here are all the shoes you need to chase children on the playground, sit in the bleachers for baseball games, go to dinner with your friends and family, and celebrate all the festivities of the season including weddings, graduations, parties and vacations.

Fun with shoes

NEW CAPSULE!  Click here to purchase our brand new guide to all the shoes you need for Spring and Summer – available now for $9.99 here. Buy Now

1. You need a nude pump or nude heel if you haven’t heard, and if you haven’t, have you been living under an unstylish rock? Our guide includes several options for the perfect nude pump for all (different heel heights, etc).  Available here: Buy Now

White and army green

A nude pump gives you loooong legs because it gives you an uninterrupted line.  And you can wear it with literally everything.  image via Tina Adams Pinterest

2. You need a wedge because it gives you the stability of a flat with the height of a heel.  Opt for a low platform to keep the pitch less severe and thus more comfortable and wearable.  Our picks (several options) for you available here: Buy Now

Cotton sundress

I am obsessed with this entire look – isn’t that the prettiest dress ever?!  And the wedge – omg I love the lucite look!!!  Image via Tina Adams Pinterest  

3. You need a grown-up flip flop that is neither made of rubber foam or decorated with grosgrain ribbon.  This is your shoe you wear running Saturday errands with fun skirts or shorts, and it is the shoe you wear to the pool.  It is an adult flip flop.  None of this cutesy sugary sweet flip flop thing allowed.  Our picks (several options) available for you here: Buy Now

Tory Burch Flip Flops Wedge Heel Shoe on BuyTrends.com, only price $14.17

Cork is a natural shock absorber – great for concrete pool areas.  Image via Pinterest

4. You need a going-out shoe you can wear to weddings, graduations and to dinner on a Saturday night with white jeans or a sundress.  Our picks available for you here: Buy Now

Milan Fashion Week 2014/15

A metallic shoe is the chameleon shoe every woman needs because it is just so versatile!  Image via Tina Adams Pinterest

Blazer and jeans spring or fall

A metallic shoe also works with jeans – dresses them up and makes them look oh so modern.  Image via Tina Adams Pinterest

5. You need a flat shoe or sandal, because that is the sensible thing to own.  Our picks available for you here: Buy Now

Atlantic Pacific @Blair R R Eadie denim shirt and anorak

Blair Eadie in flats  - the perfect foil for a short skirt.  via Tina Adams Pinterest 

6. And you need a game-changer, something that makes no sense but just makes you happy because the sun is out and you feel footloose and fancy free!  But this shoe needs to be very inexpensive because it will have a short shelf-life.  We provided some fun options in our new shoes capsule!

J.Crew pink loafers

A fun colorful loafer is your happy shoe.  Perfect for ankle pants a la Audrey Hepburn (not frumpy evil capri), and with shorts.  image via Tina Adams Pinterest 

Are you overcome with events this Spring?  The end of school can be busier than the holiday season, and we can get you the perfect wardrobe to take you through all your events, and we’ll show you how to make every piece multi-task so you save money and time! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all our wardrobe services here: www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and contact us here: www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/contact-us.

And for our Perfect Spring Shoes Capsule, click here.

All the best,


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How To Wear Khakis, Cargos and Gladiator Shoes

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Tina, here.

How to wear khakis, cargos and gladiators?  In a word, don’t.  Here’s why:

Go to any school in America on any given day and what is every single boy wearing?  Khakis.  Go to  any chain restaurant and what are the servers wearing?  Khakis.  Look in your husband’s closet and what predominates?  Khakis.  Are you a 5th grade boy or serving Fiesta Chicken at Applebee’s or habitually raid your husband’s pants?  If you are, wear khakis.

http://s9.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/52B837A9.jpg    http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=10006888

Looks like Pat got a hold of some khakis.  Patrick?  Patricia? image via thisnext, left and right, via gap


Khaki skirts aren’t any better.  So don’t think just because they aren’t tan slacks it’s ok.  A khaki skirt is a pair of khaki pants that grew together in the, er, stride area. via deepbootsathome

You know who wears cargos?  Men and women fighting wars and packing ammo.  Because that’s what they’re made for.  Stop imitating our heroes and let the soldiers have cargos, camo or otherwise.


That just isn’t right.  Or patriotic.  Or fashionable.  Or flattering.  Or ANYTHING good.  I mean, she has a purse and a handler, so clearly she doesn’t need the extra baggy pockets for carrying lipstick and a cellphone.  She probably doesn’t have a license to pack heat in broad daylight, and as far as I can tell she’s not in the woods hiding from a dangerous state enemy.  So why the camo cargos???  She needs to stop. via americanminors

You know why you shouldn’t wear gladiator sandals?  Here’s why:


Just click here to get a perfectly sensible explanation from Wilhelmina: youtube

Ok, so let’s move on…what should you be wearing instead of khakis and cargos?  If you’re wearing khakis, I’m assuming you’re not dressing up, so…White jeans or white shorts or a white skirt.  Works every time.

Minimal + Classic: denim shirt, white jeans, converse

White jeans, denim camp shirt and Converse for running around all day in style and comfort.  via media

It's Spring. It's cold. What do you wear? Winter Into Spring: Casual Work Day
White boot cut jeans go with anything and everything in your closet – all the colors and all the neutrals.  This is a set I created for StyleBlueprint.



White shorts, sailor stripe tee, and flips.  via polyvore

LAUREN RALPH LAUREN | Linen Bermuda Short, Prosecco White.

For a longer short, try Ralph Lauren  via Macy’s


A fashion look from February 2013 featuring Rosemunde tops, Kookai skirts and Michael Kors watches. Browse and shop related looks.

Ok, so this is a little left of center for me, with the wild and crazy wedge, but you know, sometimes you just have to mix it up, right?!  White denim skirt with a tank and denim jacket, and fun wedge.  via polyvore


Tummy-control white denim skirt, via Macy’s

Here’s the thing with wearing white – the fabric must be substantial so it’s not see-through, and so it holds everything in; white is not the most forgiving color.  But you can wear white.  One of my favorite reminders to our clients is that I have put a size 16 wide petite in white jeans and she looked FABULOUS!  True story.

If you need help finding the right clothes to run around town in without looking like a cross-dresser (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and still be comfortable, email us.  We’ll get you the perfect wardrobe for Spring and Summer and you’ll never worry again about what to wear.  Check out all our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and contact us at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/contact-us.

Thanks for reading and all the best,


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The Case for Bootcut Jeans for EVERY Woman

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Tina, here.

Boot cut jeans are becoming as scarce as hen’s teeth, if you haven’t noticed.  You know why?  Because everyone thinks they can wear skinny jeans.  And you know what?  Not everyone can.  And if you’re not wearing skinny jeans, you’re probably wearing straight pants, which are a whole ‘nother subject and lesson in balance and proportion (and a no-no).  But let’s get one thing straight: the bootcut is THE most universally flattering pant on every woman.  It’s a fact.  Here’s why: the ideal shape for a woman is the hourglass.  Men are rectangles; women are hourglasses with curves.  You want to balance the shoulders, the hips, and the ankles, with a waist in between to achieve the right proportions.  The boot cut reinforces this shape because it is narrow through the hips and thighs, and the slight flare from the knee down, creates that balance for the hips. Let’s take a closer look shall we, dolls?

TopShelf Clothes | Best jeans for your body type

Please tell me you see it.  I rest my case.  Not really, let’s keep going.  This is fun.  via stylefile

Light wash, plus size skinny jeans perfect for tunics, tee’s, shrugs and everything in between. Wear these jeans with flats for a cute look or pair with a sexy pair of fall boots. Perfect to dress up or dress down.

The skinny jean creates a weeble-wobble effect, especially if you carry your weight at your hips.  Can you see the upside-down triangle?  via SWAK

Tall Distressed Curvy Skinny Jeans in Venice Blue Wash | Loft

Yep, there it is again, weeble-wobble.  Not terrible, but not the best.  And we want the best for you.  via Loft

WallFlower Juniors Luscious Curvy Skinny Jeans           ($19.99) http://www.amazon.com/WallFlower-Juniors-Luscious-Curvy-Skinny-Jeans/dp/B00EB0ZXHK%3FSubscriptionId%3D%26tag%3Dhpb4-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D390957%26creativeASIN%3DB00EB0ZXHK&rpid=gd1391709824/WallFlower_Juniors_Luscious_Curvy_Skinny_Jeans

My least favorite shape of all – the puddling skinny jean.  Who wants bigger ankles and shorter legs? via amazon

Then there’s the straight cut jean.  It’s also a no-no if you breezed by that pronouncement earlier.

Curvy Straight Leg Jeans - StayShape® | Eddie Bauer    The only company that makes an inseam long enough for me to wear my fancy red ankle boots.
One big rectangle.  Guess what – not very flattering.  via Eddie Bauer
Lauren Ralph Lauren Straight Leg Jeans (Plus Size) available at #Nordstrom
Nope, not even Ralph Lauren can make a straight jean that balances the hips because it is IMPOSSIBLE.  (It pains me to say this about RL.)  via Nordstrom
Tribal White Bootcut Jean

The straight pant makes a rectangle more rectangle-ish.  via Ginger Howard

And the beloved Boot Cut.  Embrace it, dolls.  For the love of money, embrace the bootcut.  Good news – the Fall runways were full of bootcut pants!

If you are curvy:

white jeans

Ahhhh, perfection.  Balance acheived and the hips look in proportion to the rest of the body. via JCPenny

Jessica Simpson 'Rockin' Curvy Bootcut Jeans (Plus Size) available at #Nordstrom

Jessica Simpson Curvy Rockin’ Boot Cut jean via Nordstrom

If you are straight and have no hips or bum, a bootcut gives you the illusion of curves:

DL1961 Women's Jennifer Bootcut Jean. $168
DL1961 Women’s Jennifer Bootcut Jean. $168  via be-shopaholic

For petite frames, a bootcut will give you more height because it creates the illusion of a longer leg:

Citizens of Humanity 'Emmanuelle' Slim Bootcut Jeans (Santorini) (Petite) available at #Nordstrom

The shorter you are, the less of a flare you want in your bootcut, so make it a baby bootcut.  Citizen’s of Humanity Emmanuelle Slim Bootcut, in petite via Nordstrom

Best pants and jeans styles for Apple body shapes

It’s the bootcut I support, not the 70′s flare.  via OldNavy.com

And this is the cold hard truth, my loves.  Speaking of truth-telling with a spoonful of sugar to help it go down, has anyone seen that movie from the ’90′s, Bed of Roses?  When her friend is telling her something that is true but hard to hear, she ends it with, m’kay cupcake?  Kind of like, It would be better if you didn’t wear skinny pants because they make your hips look really big. M’kay cupcake?

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/contact-us.

All the best,


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How To Dress Like a Grown-Up

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Tina, here.

Well now this doesn’t sound like very much fun, does it?  Dressing like a grown-up?  Oh no no no, I beg to differ if you consider the alternative.

good question

Good question.   via lipglossandhighheels

Here are some my favorite grown-ups who dress with grace and style, never trying to compete with the younger set.  Because you know why?  They know life gets better and better, and the younger set should really be emulating us!  As Carl Jung says, Life really does begin at 40. Up until then, you are just doing research.  Here!  Here!

Olivia Palermo - Olivia Palermo  Out in NYC

Olivia Palermo in shorts – and note, she pairs them with flats and a long sleeve shirt instead of heels and a tank.  Well done, sister.  via zimbio

Paris Fashion Week SS 2014....Evangelie

The sheer trend is still on fire – let’s try it over a part of skin that the public, including children, are used to seeing bare, like your arms or maybe back, but not your chest or other privates, mkay cupcakes?  By the way, slight divergence here, dolls.  I’ve had several questions about the cupcakes term of endearment I often use. It comes from one of my fave flicks, 1996′s Bed of Roses, used by main character Lisa’s best friend Kim to soften the blow when she has to give Lisa some tough advice, as in, You really need to stop wearing short shorts, mkay cupcake!

Ricky Lauren & Dylan Lauren- Front Row at the Ralph Lauren Fall 2014 Show

That’s Ricky Lauren with her daughter Dylan at the Ralph Lauren Fall 2014 show.  Ricky is one of my icons – shocker, I know.  She is wearing skinny black pants paired very smartly with a classy white button down and cashmere crewneck sweater (the collar makes the crewneck work) instead of with something like a tight, cropped leather jacket or plunging neckline that would turn the whole ensemble into a racy outfit for a woman of her age.  via zimbio

Aerin Lauder

So Aerin Lauder can pretty much do no wrong when it comes to dressing.  Here she is in a black dress, albeit short, but nothing else shows – no cleavage, and not even her arms.  via elle

Lauren Santo Domingo shows off her shoulders to perfection – so much fresher now than a plunging all the way to here top and cut all the way to there short.  via vogue
christie brinkley  beautiful hair
So, even though Christie Brinkley’s white dress may be form-fitting, it is on the longer side, and has sleeves, and she’s not wearing ridiculously high heels.  And she’s 60.  Bravo.  via huffingtonpost


From this photo (via People), Lisa Vanderpump appears to have normal, er, proportions, it would seem.  Or does she…


This is just awkward for daytime, nighttime, or anytime, really.  I mean, um, it’s just all hanging out there, bra straps and all.  via starpulse

For what I am about to expose you to, I am truly sorry…


So, starting with the negligee/Mrs. Santa outfit on the far left to the chains in the middle to the shiny tube “dress” on the far right, this photo pretty much sums up how not to dress as an adult post-30ish, okay cupcakes!  via sodahead

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and contact us at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/contact-us.

All the best,


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