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It’s Time To Plan Your Paris Shopping Trip With US

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Tina, here.

Par-ree.  AKA heaven on earth for those of us who love fashion, food, beautiful buildings and people-watching in the prettiest city in the world. Yes, dolls, it’s that time again, time to plan to join us for our 4th Annual Paris Shopping Trip, taking place Saturday January 3 – Saturday January 10, 2015.

10 Insider Tips for Shopping Les Soldes in Paris

If you’re with us, we arrive early for access to the Christian Louboutin sale.

We take 6 women every January for the famed Les Soldes, the Paris Sales, when all of Paris goes on sale, up to a 40% discount.

Why Paris? Why not New York?
Les Soldes is a national event for the French, and it happens only twice a year, June and January.

ALL of Paris is on sale.
And the inventory here is like no other in any US city.  Deep, deep discounts on the best in the world of both new and vintage: Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Celine, Chloe, Armani, Oscar, Yves, Ralph, and all the wonderful mid-level exclusive-to-Europe brands like Georges Rech, Gerard Dural, Zara, and on and on.  At least 40% discounts, plus your detax.

Chanel store in Paris - ASPEN CREEK TRAVEL - karen@aspencreektravel.com

The CHANEL store in Paris participates in the sale. You cannot even believe the amount of merchandise that never makes it stateside. It’s insane.

With Wardrobe Consulting as your expert shopping guide, you’ll have confidence to navigate the city of lights for everything on your list.  We have hand-picked and developed relationships with the best vintage shops, neighborhood boutiques and department stores, which will allow you to make your fashion purchases effortlessly.  Come home with all the confidence to wear what you buy for years to come.

**The Westin - Vendome in Paris

This is where we stay, dolls. The Westin on the Rue de Rivoli. Great for lounging after a long day of shopping.  It’s so exhausting, really.

Come to our Informational gathering Monday August 18, 2014 (place TBA) and you’ll hear about our amazing finds from past trips (the Birkin! the Hermès scarves! Vintage Chanel! and soooo much more) and learn about the upcoming trip in January 2015.

IMG_3594 IMG_3708 IMG_2042 IMG_2057 IMG_2095 IMG_2185

The cost of the trip will be approximately $6,550 which will include 7 night accommodations at the lovely 4-star Westin Hotel on Rue de Rivoli (not including airfare or other incidentals such as meals, cab fares, tips, etc.).
Services provided include hands-on Wardrobe Service throughout the shopping tour, guided Shopping Trips to world-famous Consignment Shops, little-known yet scrumptious Boutiques, fab Department Stores, an insanely good Outlet Mall (transportation provided to Outlet Mall, other transport is supplemental), and transfer service from the hotel to the airport (when departing with the group).  Only 6 spots available.  Your reservation is guaranteed with your non-refundable deposit (we recommend trip insurance).

For an invitation to our Informational Gathering, email us at lindsey@tinaadamsconsulting.com.
Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services
A Bientot,

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Five Easy & Stylish Outfits to Copy This Week

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Tina, here.

Have you met the fabulous Barbara Burns?  She’s one of those stylish women (and one of our fabulous stylists) who, when you see her you think, I love that outfit!  I’m going to try that tomorrow!  When my friend Mary Winn said she had done this, I knew she was onto something.  And now I’m on the Barbara bandwagon, too.

Taking Barbara as my inspiration, here are 5 easy and stylish outfits to copy this week.

1. Surprise your black dress with turquoise jewelry.


Take an all black outfit, either a dress or a suit, and pair it with turquoise jewelry instead of your customary gold or silver accents.

2. Dress down a lace skirt with a t-shirt or denim shirt.

How to Dress for Summer Work Days

A t-shirt makes the lace skirt less serious, and more day-time appropriate.

Erin Pursell of Amazon Publishing let us in on some of her favorite LOFT pieces, including this lace skirt that "works for the office just as well as a summer weekend"

A denim shirt minimizes the dressiness of a lace or crochet skirt. And takes it into fall for the transition weather.

3. Add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, just for fun.

StylishPetite.com | J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool , Everly Berry Pumps and Loft Lace Trim Pleat Front Blouse

This bright pink shoe is still work-appropriate with a camel pencil skirt and white blouse because it says day-time, not clubbin’ after hours.

All black with pop of color accessories

But why not wear a satin sparkly evening shoe in the daytime as long as it’s not a strappy hot mess? Pair it with all black for a subdued look and feel.

4. This outfit may stretch you, and I’d rather you not attempt it unless you are confident in the components: pair a lace blouse with old faded jeans for that American shabby classy look.

Faded jeans and lace

This lace blouse doesn’t look like she pulled it out of the ’80′s, but more like it’s a good reinterpretation of a long-ago trend. Mixing it with faded blues gives it the right edgy attitude and keeps it from going too sweet.

5. Add a blazer to anything and everything.  It’s what the Europeans do.

summer outfits tailored shorts

A blazer with shorts and a blouse dresses up the shorts quite nicely and is great to have on hand if you don’t want to mess with a cardi or pashmina.


love this outfit

A blazer over a sundress has been one of my favorite go-to’s for quite some time. Try it. Trust me, it’s chic and instantly ups yours fashion quota.

Thanks for reading!  Hopefully we’ve made getting dressed this week a bit easier, and more fun.

Be sure and check out all our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.

Thanks for reading and all the best,


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opening image is another great idea for casual running around this week!






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All New Style Inspiration from Yours Truly, Tina Adams

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Tina, here.

Guess who’s on Instagram?  We are!

Insta outfit.  Insta no-no’s.  Insta fashion do’s.  Insta inspiration. Insta freebies.  As in, we ran a Closet Clean-Out giveaway last week and got almost 700 entries!!  Yowza.  That’s the power of these fun social media thingys.

photo 4

Click here to read Hello Happiness’s story on shopping with us!  HelloHappiness

If you like us/follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram you stand to win freebies, but more importantly you’ll have access to all my up to the minute and very personal opinions on style and fashion, which you can either take or leave.

Like the color handbag everyone needs:

photo 5

This, dolls, is the color handbag everyone needs. Cognac. Say it with me: Con-yack. #goeswitheverything #notboringblack

Like what not to wear: (and don’t worry, no one’s face will ever be revealed here – as if!)

photo 2

Can we agree that this skirt is too tight? When it cups, it’s too tight. Got it?

Like my latest obsessions:


Pink sneakers. Get ya some. #stillobsessed

And my latest purchases:

photo 1

This is why you need @tinaadamsconsulting, we know where the deals are. Loubs 70% off. #justboughtthese


Photos from my closet:

photo 2 copy

Just a few cowboy boots. #nashville #native

Content updated as close to daily as humanly possible.  I mean, I am in closets and shopping and styling clients, too.  But this means all the more great content!

Hope you’re on some warm beach somewhere this week, and if you’re not, call me and we’ll clean out your closet.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.



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Trendy Is the Last Stop Before Tacky

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Tina, here.

There are so many trends, er trending right now.  And how much fun are trends!  When you wear your cute crochet shorts with booties, you seem young, hip and in the know.  But you know what else? You can also look like a caricature of yourself if you’re not careful.  Ladies, allow me to help you navigate the stormy waters that make up the trend sea. Because trendy is the last stop before tacky, and you don’t want to edge too near that line.

1. Crop tops.  Adorable on the young set when done properly, i.e. not all Britney Spears.


Feast Your Eyelets On These 20 Summer Musts  #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/eyelets#slide2

This crop top is tasteful and cute – because she’s young and classy.

Crop tops are not so great when they start veering toward trashy.


I think I’ve made my point. (If the image doesn’t show up on your screen, just click on the bar, and the link will take you to the image source.)

2. Ripped and shredded jeans look edgy and hip on the young set who wear them and pull off that, “I’m buying groceries with my dad’s gas card so I can overpay for designer jeans that come already destroyed so I don’t have to destroy them myself” vibe.

Instagram:GraterolKaren Twitter:GraterolKaren Pinterest:GraterolKaren Polyvore:KarenGraterol Ask:Whoiskaren

The topknot and the tank (showing side boob, hmmm) work together with the ripped jeans to send off a hip vibe. And she’s like 17 years old – that helps too.

On a mom carting around her kids, they look kind of “I’ve had these for so long I wore the holes in them myself and can’t be bothered to get a new pair of good jeans” vibe.  Not cool.


Do not be fooled by this talk of the return of the mom jean.  It’s a siren song that will lull you into thinking you can pull out your gardening jeans and start wearing them in public – no you may not.

3. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts can look so cool and easy-going in the summer.  On the right person, who has the right attitude, and hair and make-up etc to pull it off.

Street Style Summer 2014

Ahhh, summer style never looked so refreshing and cool as in a maxi dress on a 7 foot tall model with good lighting, hair and make-up.

And then there’s the “I just don’t care anymore and since I see cute young girls wearing maxi skirts, I’m gonna pull out my old long skirts and wear them so I don’t have to shave my legs” attitude.  Guess what?  This is not the right attitude you need to pull off a maxi skirt.


No. You may not wear these old prairie maxi skirts unless you are 20 and know how to style it right.

4. Boho chic is all glam and pretty on the girls who know how to do it – they get their hair blown out with those just right waves (and probably have extensions) and are the first to buy the right accessories to compliment their hippie flower child look.

Love this look! Need several for summer to throw on after the pool, and to bounce around town. boho

An adorable boho chic cute young thing.  The shapeless, sloppy look goes ironic on her, while it might go old-lady on you…

When you approach this look, beware of referencing Stevie Nicks, or worse, Mrs. Roper in one of her muu-muu get-ups.


Nicole Richie can pull off boho chic with ease – just be sure you don’t end up all Mrs. Roper when you try it.

That’s all for now, dolls.  If you haven’t heard, we’re whooping it up today at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, securing the best fall fashion for our lucky clients, all at 30% off!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.



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In a Wardrobe Rut? Try This.

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Tina, here.

We’re right in the middle of the dog days of summer and I’m already bored with my wardrobe.  To address this quandary, I’m giving myself a challenge to try these wardrobe rut-killers.

1. Dress up a denim skirt.  Ok, I actually already tried this, and felt very smug in my faded denim skirt, chi-chi white blazer and navy suede Manolo’s.  As in, yeah, I’m in my summer casual mode and don’t have to dress for an office environment but still want you to know I’m working.  Ya know?

Style rut dress up a denim skirt, Carine

Carine Roitfeld, global fashion director for Harper’s Bazaar, showing us how it’s done: broken-in denim skirt with a blazer and stilettos.

Distressed denim skirt

Sans the ripped and shredded area of the faded denim skirt, I love this look. A white blouse with cuffed sleeves and silver stilettos – kinda American Shabby Classy. I just made that up.

2. Cinch a dainty sundress with a rough leather belt.  It’s yin and yang.

Style rut, belt a sundress, Ralph Lauren, sundress with leather belt

Take your sundress, now dig up an old leather belt (the rougher and more worn-in it is the better) and voila you have exited the summer style rut.  This look is from Ralph Lauren.


The textures here are so great: linen, leather and rick rack. And tortoise. Love.

3. Tie your button-down shirt loosely in the front.  But not a la Daisy Duke, like a crop top, dolls.  Keep it at your waistline.


Is this not a gorgeous image? I love the denim shirt tied at her waist with a flowy skirt. Very “summer afternoon in the garden.”


Button downs and the whole menswear look is really in right now. You can soften the look by tying your shirt loosely in front instead of tucking it.


So shabby classy, wouldn’t you say? White blouse tied at the waist with a full skirt.


4. Wear a different kind of jewelry than you usually do – it’s a small commitment to change that could be refreshing.  Or wear the jewelry you have in an unexpected way.

Style rut: wear your jewelry in new way brooch at the waist!

Take a vintage pin or brooch and wear it at your waist instead of on a lapel.

What would Karl Do blogger Jess wearing Miss Links cufflinks... whatwouldkarldo.com

Find a button-down with French cuffs and start wearing cufflinks.

White French cuff shirt with Miss Links cufflinks for women

White French cuff shirt with Miss Links cufflinks, and black pencil skirt.

5. Wear pink sneakers.  I canNOT get enough of the sneaker these days. My life has changed for the better in so many ways.  Happy toes, happy arches, the occasional burst of sprinting for no reason, and no more style rut.

9 Ways to Break Out of a Style Rut | Women's Health Magazine

Lose all the black shoes and break out some pink sneakers. It will be life-changing. Wear them with white skinnies or a cute skirt and tee.

Please note: she's wearing NIKES with her little white dress and moto jacket #streetstyle

Please note: she’s wearing pink NIKES with her little white dress and moto jacket. Way cool. Paris Fashion Week.

Mirenda kerr pink sneakers

Miranda Kerr in white skinnies, white t-shirt and a blazer. And PINK SNEAKERS. I can’t even stand it.

And if you’re still stumped, you probably need to email us.  We can help you get out of your style rut.  Be sure and check out all our wardrobe services at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com/services and email us at info@tinaadamsconsulting.com.

Thanks for reading and all the best,


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