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Black and White For Spring – You Can’t Go Wrong

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Tina, here.  We all know color is big this season.  The other big trend for Spring 2012?
Black and White.  It’s the other color story.  For more ways to wear this tried and true classic, (and how not to wear black) keep reading.

Black and White. 
 Grab your black bermuda shorts and pair with a white blouse or tee.  Add a metallic wedge and voila – summer! Next Fall, pair your black bermudas with camel, grey or go all black, but those looks are too heavy for Spring and Summer.

 Wow.  Black leather motorcycle jacket over a white crochet sheath.  With black opaque tights.  Who knew?

Ahhhh, now that feels more like us, doesn’t it? Column of black with a white blazer. And a grey wedge. Perfect.
Ok, so the jazz shoes circa 1986 are really not part of the ’80′s train I want to ride.  But I love the scalloped white shorts.

 A nice way to do polka-dots…ovals.  It’s not so dizzying, is it? Princess Kate can really do no wrong.


 Speaking of doing no wrong…Ralph Lauren does Deco.  Nothing cleaner than a crisp white blouse tucked into a black pant.  Red shoes optional.

The white skirt is getting a tad short for me, but the long sleeve black tee balances out the skin to clothing ratio. But, whoops, I see an ankle strap. 
A look from Ann Taylor.  Kind of Chanel-ish.
Let’s talk about how not to wear black.  
If you know me, you know I do not like primary colors with black.  Oh nooo.  It’s a bit, shall we say, inelegant.  Take a look:
See? Yellow with black looks kind of like a bumble bee.
Pink with black.  It’s just too cutesy.  Do you want to be cute like a little girl?
And again.  Pink with black.  Looks like a chocolate cupcake with pink icing.
 It’s becoming clearer isn’t it?  Black with primary colors is just too harsh.  
White is just so much softer with primary colors than black is…now do you agree?
But back to black and white…what a great combo for Spring and Summer!
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all images courtesy google and pinterest

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