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A Queen You’ll Want To Know

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The many wonders of a white blouse.

As one of Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed Hall of Fame members, Queen Rania of Jordan has beautiful style and taste. 

She is the Queen consort of Jordan, wife of King Abdullah II, by all accounts a true love match.  Mother to 4 children she is a humanitarian involved in causes from ending honor killings and child abuse to improving education in a part of the world not known for its respect of women or children. A fine queen for a new millennium.

Here are some of my favorite images of her.  You’ll see it’s a not the most exciting wardrobe there ever was, but it’s soooo refined and chic.  The simpler a wardrobe is, the more perfect the individual pieces must be to look beautiful.  She has achieved this well.

Monochromatic and elegant.
She belts her jackets most of the time.

Brown and black – you know I love this.
She’s wearing hose, I’m pretty sure. Most queens do. Also, I love her pink cap toe worn with a grey sheath.
The Queen wears jeans.

I love all the blue with her blue jeans.
I’d like her handbag collection, thank you very much.
OMG this is just so fabulous I can hardly stand it: cognac leather pencil skirt with winter white top and grey accessories.  I’m SO wearing a version of this this week.
Even a queen recycles: the white jacket (5th look) and grey heels (above).

   How pretty is red with camel? Perfect pairing.          
A more casual look for the queen, in, can you believe it, WHITE JEANS! I think she and I have a connection.
What a crown! The high collar shows off her long neck.
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5 comments on “A Queen You’ll Want To Know
  1. She reminds me of Kate Middleton….slender, dark-haired and gorgeous with clean, classic, conservative style perfect for a queen…and lots of inspiration for the rest of us non-queens.

  2. She is so gorgeous. I saw her on Oprah maybe a year OK and she has incredible grace. And her eyes are stunning!

    I love her wardrobe. it is classic, and will stand the test of time when the photos are looked at 30 years from now.

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